Journals - Special Interest

Special Interest contributors share a common interest, or shared industry, concerning specific topics.

Special Interest - Finance

Journal of Finance provides an access outlet for financial research meant to enhance the dissemination of original theoretical and empirical papers. This journal is dedicated to the understanding of the full spectrum of financial topics, concepts, and current issues in relation to their practical applications.

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Special Interest -Marketing

Journal of Marketing is committed to publishing a broad range of marketing scholarly and managerial relevant manuscripts that bridge the gap between theory and practice. This journal provides a venue for high quality articles dealing with marketing in its various forms.

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Special Interest - Economics

Journal of Economics is an open access forum that attracts, selects, and publishes influential theoretical, empirical or policy related papers in the field of economics. This journal aims to make a genuinely valuable contribution to current understanding of economics.

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Special Interest - Business and Management

The purpose of Journal of Business and Management is designed to be an open source forum for a dissemination of relevant and original scientific articles dealing with aspects of business and management.

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